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Daeron's Software

Listed on this page are various pieces of software I've worked on over the years. Some of the software mentioned is public domain and available for download. Some of this software was developed while working with a team of developers and some was developed exclusively by me. I am a strong supporter of the free software model and will continue developing and releasing free software as time permits.

If you are interested in sponsoring or collaborating with me on a software development project or just happen to have some ideas that might be translatable into cool and useful software, please contact me.

Linux Logo Open Source Software

These programs were developed to run under variants of the Unix operating system. My primary development platform is and will likely continue to be the Linux operating system (hence the linux penguin logo).


This is an interactive program for viewing and manipulating 3D (and higher dimensional!) objects. It can be used as a standalone viewer for static objects or as a display engine for other programs which produce dynamically changing geometry. My main contribution to this team project was working with Tim Rowley to port the program from Iris-GL to generic X11 making it available for use on a much larger number of platforms. - (Overview)


This is an simple Java applet for viewing 3D objects. Though the applet has more limited functionality than Geomview, it does have the added benefit of being embeddable in a web page and is entirely platform independent. Also, object data can be stored and updated server side providing flexibility for many uses - (JGV Enhanced at Sourceforge) - (Original JGV Version from Geometry Center)


A module for animating sequences of object files in Geomview. This module replaced and extended the functionality of a previous animator module written by Stuart Levy.

Mpeg Player for X

This program added a VCR like (motif) interface to the MPEG Video Decoder libraries being distributed from Berkeley. It was one of the earlier helper applications to be used with Mosaic for viewing animations.

Mib (Motif Interface Builder)

To create the user interfaces for some of the above programs, I decided to write a quick and dirty drag&drop style user interface builder on top of a subset of the Motif widget library. The result was Mib, a simple (though never complete) user interface builder that allowed the visual creation of a user interface as well as the ability to dynamically load the interface at runtime.

Dollar Sign Software Developed for Clients

These are software projects I've worked on as a consultant. Obviously, this software is not public domain, so don't bother asking me for it!

Vehicle Order Management System

This application is used by all Harley-Davidson dealerships world-wide to enter and manage vehicle orders as they are shepherded through the manufacturing process.

Integrated Login / Common Profile

This customer facing application provides a common security model and unified user login/profile database for all existing web-based B2C applications at Harley-Davidson.

FastParts Trading Exchange

The exchange is a web based electronic marketplace that allows OEMs, contract assemblers, component manufacturers and franchised distributors to buy and sell batches of new electronic components anonymously, quickly and cost-effectively. I designed and developed a good portion of the exchange software while working with a great team of programmers.

Process Diagram Editor

Under contract to Motorola I developed a process diagram editor and browser completely in Java as well as a server to provide file I/O via TCP/IP socket code.

The Conductor

Working as a consultant for Concerto Capital Management, I constructed a suite of java applets providing an interactive web-based front end to a database of predictive indexes used by stock traders. The applets graphed historical stock data and allowed traders to perform a "what-if scenario" simulation on how successful they would be if they had made investments based on previous predictions.

Though the Conductor is no longer online, Concerto Capital Management survived and later became Concerto Tech, then BigCharts.com.