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Resume of Daeron Meyer

Daeron has more than 25 years of experience designing and developing software to solve a wide range of business and research problems spanning the domains of Manufacturing, Marketing and Financial Services. He has extensive experience with Service Oriented and Event Driven Architectures.

1990-1993: University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)
B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering

1988-1989: Bethel College (St. Paul, MN)
Major: Physics and Liberal Arts.

1984-1988: University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
High School - Math, U of M Talented Youth Math Program.

Technical Skills:
Java, Scala, C#/.NET, Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, Perl, C/C++, SQL, bash, Powershell

APIs (building/consuming)
gRPC, J2SE/J2EE, Swing, Spring/Hibernate, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, AngularJS, OpenGL

System Administration/Security
UNIX (Linux, BSDs, MacOS), VxWorks/RTOS, Windows, Internet Protocols (TCP/IP, PPP, TELNET, SMTP, NNTP, POP, SNMP, SSH, TLS/SSL), VPN, Routers, Firewalls

IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse IDE, VS/VS Code, DBs (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server), Apache, JBoss, Citrix, VMWare, Azure, Source Control (GIT, SVN, CVS etc...), Continuous Build/Integration (Cruise, Hudson CI, Jenkins), Graphic Design tools such as Adobe Photoshope, Gimp, Visio

OOAD, UML/RUP, SOA/EDA/Microservices, Scrum, Unit/Regression/Performance Testing

2021-Present: Independent Consultant - (Milwaukee, WI)

2015-2021: Senior Software Engineer - FlexTrade Systems (Milwaukee, WI)
Developing the front and back end of a world class hosted OMS/multi-asset platform to meet and exceed requirements for multiple clients within the global hedge fund community. Developed security master as a service (UI + API) including pricing/quantitative models for Options, Swaps, Fixed Income, FX, Repos and Credit Derivatives. Also integrated external data sources (Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit etc...) to automatically import and refresh security and corporate reference data, historical time series and real-time pricing data.

2010-2015: Staff Engineer - Johnson Controls (Milwaukee, WI)
Designed and developed a cloud based building data platform including integration components necessary to extract, propagate, manage and analyze building data for JCI Customers. Components included adapters for legacy building systems, reliable messaging built around the Azure service bus, tunnels through customer firewalls and a RESTful API for ingestion and retrieval of both building metadata and time series data.

2009-2010: Principal Consultant - Daeron Meyer Consulting LLC - (Milwaukee, WI)
Consulted at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Responsible for implementation of two consumer facing, marketing driven web applications, Roadmap and Test Drive.

2007-2009: Project / Product Manager - Stark Investments (Milwaukee, WI)
Collaborated with Traders and Quantitative Analysts to capture requirements and add functionality to front and middle office applications. Primarily focused on extending the trader tool set for analyzing existing credit derivative trades (CDS, Tranches and Bank Loans ) and identifying new potential trading and arbitrage opportunities. Also added value by establishing new integration points between the Order Management System and Front Office systems to facilitate more rapid and less error-prone automated security setup at order time. Worked closely with the Market Data team to integrate new vendor data sources which often took the form of web services or REST XML downloads.

2001-2007: Project Architect - nVISIA / Harley-Davidson (Milwaukee, WI)
Designed a secure XML/SOAP based messaging solution to integrate H-D's warehouse inventory management system (AS/400) with multiple external supplier inventory systems. Designed and implemented the highly visible Integrated Login and Common Profile application at www.harley-davidson.com. This customer-facing application provides a common security model and unified user login/profile database for all existing web-based B2C (Business to Customer) applications at Harley-Davidson. Also built an online dealer vehicle ordering system while collaborating extensively with corporate subject matter experts to capture requirements. This system replaced the existing error-prone paper/fax based ordering process, allowing dealer orders to flow directly into the factory scheduling systems.

1999-2001: Director of Software Development - Performics (Chicago, IL)
Responsible for designing, developing, deploying and maintaining the ConnectCommerce marketing performance tracking application and other related software modules. I coordinate the ongoing efforts of multiple software engineers, system administrators and HTML/content developers as we extend and deploy new capabilities in our high-availability mission critical software applications.

1999-1999: Software Engineer - Endocardial Solutions Inc. (acquired by St. Jude) (St. Paul, MN)
Developed the user interface, real-time graphing functionality and communication layer of the EnSite 3000 Electrophysiology Workstation, a hardware/software solution used by electrophysiologists to diagnose and map complex heart arrhythmias.

1998-1999: Technical Staff - Alphatronix Inc. (Durham, NC)
Developed the user interface and data domain layer for the next generation of disk replication/administrative software. This involved designing, implementing and customizing Java Bean components for (re)use in the interface as well as integrating diverse components from several 3rd party toolkits while keeping a consistent look and feel. Alphatronix was a subsidiary of Auspex Systems.

1996-1997: Independent Consultant
Designed and developed software for a variety of clients. Was responsible for taking a client's functional specifications and a desired look and feel and transforming these raw ideas into an operational, useable piece of software.

FastParts Inc. (https://www.fastparts.com/)
Added functionality and updated the look and feel of a web-based electronic trading exchange consisting initially of perl scripts and a legacy flat-file database. Discovered that the old system had severe limitations in a multiuser environment and was not Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant (because it used 6 digit dates for the marking and sorting of records). Recommended a rewrite of the exchange, using a commercial SQL based DBMS. Followed through with a team of four other developers in successfully rewriting the system within an Oracle DBMS (PL/SQL) and Oracle Web Server framework (eventually changed to Netscape Enterprise / JSP). Created schema migration scripts to smoothly transition legacy data to the new (24/7) production database.

Motorola Corporation (https://www.mot.com/)
Developed a process diagram editor and browser completely in Java for use on Motorola's Intranet. The editor allows a user to construct, edit and save modified process diagrams directly from a platform-independent web browser and is in fact a Java applet. To complement this Java client, I was also required to construct a multithreaded server in Java which provided the file I/O functionality via TCP/IP socket code.

Concerto Technologies Inc. (https://www.ConcertoTech.com/)
Constructed a suite of Java applets to provide the web front end to a database of predictive indexes used by stock traders. The Java applets graphed historical stock data and allowed traders to perform a "what-if scenario" simulation on how successful they would be if they had made investments based on previous predictions. After a few name changes, ConcertoTech came to be known as BigCharts.com.

1992 - 1996: Technical Staff - The Geometry Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Designed applications for mathematical visualization and animation prototyping in C/C++/Motif. Developed a 4-dimensional viewing program, an interactive splined path creation program, a geometric slicing program, and a drag & drop user interface design tool based on the Motif toolkit. I then used my custom UI tool in a critical project, the porting of Geomview, a 3D viewer program written for SGI/GL, to generic X11/Motif and OpenGL for cross-platform usage. Involved in numerous other software projects with visiting students and math researchers.

Founded the Geometry Center's Web Server in October of 1993 when the web was still in its infancy. Added a number of cgi-bin scripts to display server log statistics as well as adding WAIS indexing. Became heavily involved in the design and implementation of early cgi based interactive geometrical web applications (http://www.geom.umn.edu/apps/). Authored/added numerous html pages, software documentation, Java applets and VRML objects to the server. Installed and configured a proxy server to meet the growing demand of local web users. Gave several talks on novel uses of web servers and Java at local conferences.

Performed general system administration tasks such as installing and configuring Sun, SGI, and Windows NT workstations as well as printers and video hardware for our environment. Was responsible for installing commercial and public domain software and keeping versions and licenses up to date. Also was partly responsible for technical support, tape backups, and handling software and hardware failures. As part of my sysadmin duties I wrote perl scripts to automate most of the mundane tasks. For example, I wrote a system called "Reaper" which performed user account creation, quota management and account backup and deletion, as well as generating a report about its activities each morning.

Worked hands on as expert technical guidance for visiting researchers. This involved ascertaining the needs of each individual and either referring them to the appropriate piece of software for their project or actually writing the software for them if it didn't already exist. After the appropriate software and/or hardware for the task was determined, I would often continue to work with the researcher through the duration of the project.

Did significant computer animation work on the mathematical video "Outside In". This involved writing perl scripts which generated renderman code that was then rendered into TIFF image frames and dumped to video tape. I worked with a team of other animators and programmers to complete the animation which won several prestigious awards in addition to being shown at the Siggraph 94 (Electronic Theater).

1990: Honeywell Programmer/Intern (Golden Valley, MN)
Designed and implemented a program for testing new 2nd and 3rd generation Honeywell thermostats in field and laboratory experiments at the Sensor Systems Development Center. The program executed a suite of test scripts and performed data acquistion to record the thermostats response for each test.

1989 - 1990: Self Employed, Madison, WI
Private math, physics and computer science tutor for college students. Occasionally worked as a volunteer but mostly was paid.

References/Code Samples: Available upon request.
Contact Information Phone Number: (414)-810-6736